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Welcome to Islamic Economic Society official website. We are a community organization that has concern to socialize Islamic economic and Islamize the community economic activity. Islamic economic society (or Masyarakat Ekonomi Syariah in Indonesia) is headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia and was scattered in 28 provinces, 48 cities, and 4 special regions abroad (Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Malaysia and Germany). You can get information updates about Indonesian Islamic Economic here.

What We Are

Being recognized Organization as the reference and followed to be the business model for accelerating the development and implementation of the economic system and business ethic based on Islamic Law in Indonesia.
  1. To build synergies and partnerships among individuals and institutions involved in Islamic economics.
  2. To implement Silaturrahim/ good cooperation among economic parties, individuals and institutions related to Islamic economics.
  3. To encourage the development of Islamic banking activities in Indonesia to become the primary choice for Society in business activities, including in terms of investment and financing.
  4. To improve relations among members and authorities relating to economic and financial activities.
  5. To increase activities to form human resource that has morals, knowledge and ability to run and develop the activities of Islamic economics.
This organization is open to anyone who has a concern and passion to develop Islamic economic system and implement it in the business and economic activity.
Wide Network
With the support of all stakeholders, the organization has succeeded in having networks at 28 Provinces, 48 Districts / Cities and 4 overseas. We plan to expand throughout the world to support strengthening Islamic economic across the countries in the world.
Islamic Economic Society


1. Organization Symbol of ISLAMIC ECONOMIC COMMUNITY (MES) consist a composition of three letters in a row M, E, S. M (first) - meaning MASYARAKAT (in Indonesian) or called SOCIETY, E (second) means ECONOMIC and S (third) means the SHARIA or ISLAMIC LAW.

2. The green color in a series of letters ISLAMIC ECONOMIC COMMUNITY means as mature or adulthood attitude and loyal to the development activities of Islamic economics as an alternative system for economic activities.

Our Programme


+62 21 52901515

29th Setiabudi Tengah Streets, Kuningan,
Jakarta, Indonesia


Our Operational Office

  • Monday-Friday: 9am to 5pm
  • Saturday-Sunday and Holiday in Indonesia: Closed

About Us

Islamic economic society is non-profit organization headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia. We focus on socialization, advocacy, advisory, consultation and public education activity to enhance Islamic economic practice.

This website can provide further information about the latest program and news from Islamic economic and finance, specially in Indonesia.

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