The concept of Islamic Economic had introduced to the community in 1991 when Bank Muamalat had established, which is followed by other financial institutions. At that time, the socialization of Islamic Economic was made by each of Islamic financial institutions. After the joint evaluation, it is clear that the socialization of Islamic economic system can only be successful when done by a structured and continuous manner.

Being aware of this, the Islamic financial institutions get together and invite the whole among of the required group to form an organization, with joint efforts will undertake a structured and continuous socialization to the society. This organization is called the “Islamic Economic Society” is abbreviated to MES, a reference in the Indonesian language is “Masyarakat Ekonomi Syariah, in English, is the Islamic Economic Society or in Arabic is Mujtama’ al-Iqtishad Al Islamiy, established on Monday, 1 Muharram 1422 H, coincide on 26th March 2001 M. and it was declared on Tuesday, 2 Muharram 1422 H in Jakarta.

MES’ Founders are Individual, Financial Institutions, Educational Institutions, Research Institutions and Business Entities which are interested in the efforts to grow the Islamic economy. MES based on Islamic Law, also subject to regulatory legislation that valid in Indonesia, therefore open to every citizen regardless of their religious belief.

Founded based on the Act No. 03 dated 22nd February 2010 and renewed in the Act No. 02 dated 16th April 2010, made and witnessed by Notary Rini Martini Dahliani, SH, in Jakarta, the act which has obtained the agreement from the Minister of Justice and Human Rights Republic of Indonesia, based on the Decision Letter No. AHU-70.AH.01.06 dated 25th May 2010 regarding the Verification of Congregation and has been included in the Additional of Country News No. 47 dated 14th April 2011.

Originally MES was established only in Jakarta without having a plan to expand to provinces. It is clear that the activities carried out by MES to give interest to the local colleagues to carry out similar activities. Then it was agreed to set up the local MES with regulation that the organization’s name by adding the name of the area behind the word “MES”. MES organization in each area had established autonomously.

The name of MES and its increasingly active role led to demand of more permission to build MES in other areas. The number of MES organization in the local area which becomes more and more had persuaded the local board of MES to ask MES Jakarta so that the whole areas are united in one organization. Referring to that situation, then MES held the Musyawarah Nasional Luar Biasa of Islamic Economic Society in Jakarta in May 2006, during Indonesia Sharia Expo I. It was agreed during the meeting, that the whole Local MES to assemble one joint organization which nationally based; and MES Jakarta designated as The Central Board and is compulsory to organize the changes of the Articles of Association/ Bylaw (AD/ ART).

The impact on regional of Islamic economics’ development (provincial) and local (local / city level) has expanded and well organized. MES currently has spread in 23 provinces, 35 regencies / cities and 4 special regions abroad namely Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, Malaysia and Germany. Socialization activities and society education about Islamic economy are increasing, positive impact on society and certainly for Islamic finance industry.

From 3rd until 4th November 2008, MES implement the First Musyawarah Nasional as the Highest Forum of the Organization. It decided a few things about MES’ step forward, such as to perfection/ completeness of the Articles of Association/ Bylaw (AD/ ART) of MES, to set up the line of organization policy, the National Work Program, recommendation and selection of New General Chairman, that Mr.  Dr. Muliaman D. Hadad to be the Commission for the period of 1429-1432 H. He was the third General Chairman, in which the first General Chairman is Mr. Dr. Iwan Pontjowinoto and the second General Chairman is Mr. Dr. Aries Muftie.

During that Commission period, MES make new breakthroughs such as: to publish practical guidelines of Islamic business management in the form of book titled “Islamic Business Ethics”; together with the National Committee on Governance Policy (KNKG) to compile General Guidelines of Good Governance of Islamic Business; together with the Ministry of Communication and Information to provide  Open Source applications for Islamic Cooperative and Amil Zakkah; together with the Ministry of People’s Housing introducing instrument of Awqaf as the land provider for developing Flats, together with BI and IAEI to maintain Islamic Banking of Research Forum and to publish the National Scientific Journal “Islamic Finance Journal”, with Indonesian Stock Exchange to maintain Islamic Capital Markets School and still many more.

The implementation of each program should be evaluated so it can give better results. The Second Musyawarah Nasional was held on 21 Muharram 1432 H or coincides with 17th December 2011. It was agreed in this meeting that the Roadmap of Economic Islamic Indonesia  as the outline of organization policies, sharpening of the national work program and to complete the Articles of Association/ Bylaw (AD/ ART) as of the needs and conditions to date Mr. Dr. Muliaman D. Hadad re-elected as General Chairman for the second period.

MES is an independent organization and does not affiliated with one of political party/ particular mass-organization; however it should still cooperate in order to be accepted by all parties. Alhamdulillah, with all of its activities, MES has received recognition from all aspects of society, from Ulama Society, Practitioners, Academics, Government and Legislative both from inside and outside the country.

In the future, it is expected that the role of MES in socializing Islamic economy can be more improved. MES movers are those who are creative and have excellent programs. MES is to be a partner of Government (Legislative and Executive) and the Bank of Indonesia and the Financial Services Authority (OJK) in developing Islamic economy. Together with the Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI), MES encourages Government to establish Indonesia as Islamic Finance Center of the World.



Being recognized Organization as the reference and followed to be the business model for accelerating the development and implementation of the economic system and business ethic based on Islamic Law in Indonesia.



  1. To build synergies and partnerships among individuals and institutions involved in Islamic economics.
  2. To implement Silaturrahim/ good cooperation among economic parties, individuals and institutions related to Islamic economics.
  3. To encourage the development of Islamic banking activities in Indonesia to become the primary choice for Society in business activities, including in terms of investment and financing.
  4. To improve relations among members and authorities relating to economic and financial activities.
  5. To increase activities to form human resource that has morals, knowledge and ability to run and develop the activities of Islamic economics.



Islam is  a concept Rahmatan Lilalamin, then all the activities which is based on Islamic Law had believed to be valid for Indonesia and all the people, regardless of their religious belief.

And in researching activity, the development and implementation of economic and ethical business according to Islamic Law has needed the expected accommodation which recognized as reference and followed as an exemplary for acceleration business development and application of economic system and ethical business according to Islamic Law in Indonesia.

Then in the name of Allah, Rabb that the most Gracious the most Merciful As well as with say praise be to Allah, Rabb of the worlds: We, the Association, Financial Institutions, Educational Institutions, Business Entities and Individuals that are concerned over the economic development system and business ethics based on Islamic Sharia in Indonesia, Hereby declare the name of a relationship accommodation with Islamic Economic Society (MES).

Then, in order to achieve the goal to be the relationship accommodation that achieve a society who implement economic activity by following Islamic Law in kaffah or distinguished; and with this we hereby that through this relationship accommodation, we will hold activities to:

  1. Build synergy and partnerships among individuals and institutions involved in Islamic economics.
  2. Implement Silaturrahim/ good cooperation among Economics Performers, Individual and Financial Institution involved in Islamic Economics.
  3. Encourage the development of Islamic economics activity in Indonesia to become the primary choice for society in business activities, including in terms of investment and financing.
  4. Improve relations among members and authorities related to the activities of Islamic economics and finance.
  5. Increase the activity to form a human resource that has morals, knowledge and ability to run and develop the Islamic economic activities.

May Allah, the Lord Almighty, always bestow Taufik and Guidance to us in our intention to run this so it can provide the real contribution to the nation and unitary state Republic of Indonesia.

Jakarta, 2 Muharram 1422 H, On behalf of the founders and members of the Islamic  Economic Community, Signed: Achmad Subianto, Aries Muftie, Arwin Rashid, Iskandar Zulkarnain, Iwan P. Pontjowinoto, Nurdin Hasibuan, Saefuddien Hasan, Zainul Arifin, Adiwarman A. Karim, Zaim Uchrowi, Riyanto Sofyan, A. Riawan Amin, Sofyan Basir, Rudjito, Zainulbahar Noor etc.