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About Islamic Economic Society (MES)

The concept of Islamic economics was introduced to the public in 1991 when Bank Muamalat Indonesia was established, which is then followed by other financial institutions. At that time every Islamic financial institution held its own socialization, so it will be a heavy burden if the socialization of Islamic economic system is not done in a structured and continuous way.

Realizing this, the Islamic financial institutions gathered to invite all the stakeholders to form an organization, which is the joint venture will undertake a structured program and continuous socialization to the public. The organization was then called “Islamic Economic Society”, with members of the Islamic financial institutions, educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, companies and even individuals.

MES is the founder of individuals, financial institutions, educational institutions, research institutions and business entities interested in developing Islamic economics. MES based on Islamic law, and subject to the laws and regulations in force in the Republic of Indonesia, so it is open to every citizen regardless of his religious beliefs. Established based on Deed No. 3 dated February 22, 2010 and updated on the Deed No. 02 dated 16 April 2010, made before Notary Rini Martini Dahliani, SH, in Jakarta, which deed has been approved by the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia by virtue of Decree No. AHU-70.AH.01.06 dated May 25, 2010 on the Ratification of the Association and has been included in the Official Gazette No. 47 dated 14 April 2011.

MES was originally established only for Jakarta without having a plan to expand into these areas. It turns out the activities carried out by the MES gives interest to colleagues in the region to implement similar activities. At the time it was agreed invite colleagues in the region to use the MES name by adding the name of the area behind it. It was also agreed that there is no path between the management coordination much less command.

MES good reputation and an increasingly active role led to a request to establish MES in other more areas. Regional MES urged to be united in one common organization. Due to increasingly strong urge, then in May 2006, exactly when the Indonesia Sharia Expo I, MES organized an extraordinary National Congress. It was agreed that all the MES area are willing to come together in a national organization together and agree that MES headquarter in Jakarta as the Central Board and commissioned to draw up the changes of AD / ART.

It’s Impact, the development of Islamic economics in the region (provincial) and local (district / city) are widespread and well organized. Currently MES has spread in 28 provinces, 44 districts / cities and 4 overseas territories in which Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Malaysia and Germany. Socialization and education the public about Islamic economy is getting a positive impact on the community and of course the Islamic finance industry.

On 3-4 November 2008 MES carried out the first National Congress. It was decided a few things about the MES forward steps, including perfected MES AD / ART, determination Organizations Outlines Policy, the National Work Program, Recommendation and selection of New Chairman, that Mr. Muliaman D. Hadad was elected for the 1429 – 1432 H stewardship period.

MES also independent, not affiliated with any particular political party or community organizations, but should still establish cooperation in order to be acceptable to all parties. Alhamdulillah, with all its activities, MES has gained recognition in all societies, both among scholars, practitioners, academicians, government and legislators both at home and abroad.

Looking forward, MES role in disseminating Islamic economics can be further enhanced. MES is driven by those who have creative and have excellent programs. MES become partners of government (legislative and executive), Bank Indonesia (Indonesia Central Bank) and the Ministry of Finance in developing Islamic economics. Together with Indonesia Ulema Council (MUI) encouraging the government launched a national movement of Islamic economics.


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